The Philosophy of Unissula - Sultan Agung Islamic University

The Philosophy of Unissula


Unissula as the leading Islamic University has announced a big bow in their education that is bismillah raising khaira ummah generation. The philosophy is inspired of the Holy Qur’an Surah Ali Imran Verse 110 “you are the best nation produced (as an example) for mankind, you enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah.”

In order to realize it, it was done through educational strategies implemented through the Islamic Academic Culture (Budai) which was declared on August 18th, 2005. The academic strategy of Islamic cultural education essentially contains of the ruhiyah (spiritual) reinforcement and strengthening of science and technology. As for the ruhiyah reinforcement is the reinforcement of belief, worship and morals packed up in civilizing movement including prayer in congregation movement, Islamic outfit movement, thaharah movement, good-example movement, Islamic hospitality movement, and improving quality of life movement. Whereas the strengthening of science and technology consists of a spirit of iqra ‘, developing science and technology on the basis of Islamic values, Islamic Learning Society, and an appreciation of science and technology.

Education is the civilizing and conditioning with values which are believed to be the truth. Education on the campus of Islam is the application of Islamic values in the overall life of the campus and carried out by all of its citizens. The campus’ environment and infrastructure should support the goal of education in the campus. The atmosphere of the campus should also support the tradition of Islamic scholarship, building Islamic Learning Society.

In the future, Islamic education should be able to regain its former glory which has been accomplished by earlier Islamic education. Therefore, it needs to build an education community with conducive atmosphere of worship and academic by establishing Islamic Learning Society. Islamic Learning Society is a society that always support the campus high values of Islam, and use Islam as the view of life, a source of inspiration, motivation, as well as being a filter in the scientific and cultural activities. Learning activities which color the campus’ atmosphere, the interaction between lecturers and students, among lecturers, among students, always reflect the learning interaction. In the end, Islamic Learning Society are the result of solid implementation of the Islamic Academic Culture.