Law Bureau (Bikum) is led by a head coordinated by Vice Rector II and under and responsible to the Rector. Law bureau consists of law division and advocate division. Law Bureau is responsible for particular duties based on the established Strategic Plans and Development Operational Plan which can be seen as follows:

  1. Providing services of information system for Law (SI-Kum) online & real time to support organizational management within the law..
  2. Providing, formulating, arranging and harmonizing the law products as according to the valid law.
  3. Planning, arranging, evaluating and improving the law products as the basis of management and implementation for all working programs of Unissula.
  4. Organizing socialization about various types of law products along with the importance of the law application for all leadersm lecturers, staffs and students of Unissula.
  5. Conducting coordination of application, advocacy, and law consideration and law assistance for Unissula.
  6. Organizing, evaluating and or formulating the agreements between UNISSULA with other individuals or institutions.
  7. Conducting advocacy and law effort towards the law matters emerged at Unissula.
  8. Spreading information, documentation and law products.
  9. Making acurate, accountable and realtime reports as well as using the information system provided by Directorate of Information System