Education in higher education pragmatically refers to an effort to raise qualified and competitive human resources. The term competitive means that higher education can create alumni who are able to meet work demand which is getting tighter, or to create their own job field with their creativity. High and low absorption in the world of work or capability in creating jobs is a parameter that is often used to assess the quality of a higher education. A higher education must take those two demands into account no matter how big and good it is.

This becomes something to consider seriously by Unissula either through its educational concept by making self-approach with demands of the time or through creating Almuni Family Association or Ikatan Keluarga Alumni (IKA Unissula). IKA Unissula is expected not only to be able to establish kinship and familiarity, but also to bridge alumni who have no job. This is the noble duty which will be reached by the existence of IKA creation. Unissula considers the concept as something important to answer demands producing qualified alumni, becuase thorugh association something impossible will turn to possible, something heavy to light.