Marketing And Public Relation Unit

Marketing and Public Relation Unit is a Technical Implementation Unit (TIU) at the university level established by Decree No. YBWSA 102 / SK / YBWS-SA / VII / 2014 on the Ratification of the Organizational Structure of Sultan Agung Islamic University in 2014 as well its position and job description. As the technical and operational unit in charge of implementing the functions of marketing and public relations at Unissula, it is led by a head unit and assisted by two divisions, marketing departments and public relations division. The Marketing and Public Relation Unit is under the coordination of Vice Rector III and under and responsible to the rector.

Marketing and Public Relation Unit was formed as the technical implementation unit in support of marketing and public relations activities at Unissula in order to form its image, reputation and brand at national and international levels. Marketing and Public Relations Unit is expected to be able to plan and develop the quality of marketing and public relation activities with the aim of increasing acceptance of new students’ number and quality. In addition, it is also expected to increase the number of publications in mass media, as well as to control news and information about Unissula in the media.

As an Islamic university which conducts education to build a generation of Khaira umah (best people), Unissula has both opportunities and challenges which are not light. The implementation of the education process should be directed at achieving results (graduates) who do not only have the ability intact between faith and piety, but also the depth and breadth of insight knowledge, the mastery of science and technology and professionalism, as well as self-reliance and social responsibility. In order to improve the quality of Unissula students to be at the same level with other universities in the world and to be the Word Class Islamic University, it is, therefore, necessary to make a planning system on integrated marketing and public relation activities through Integrated Marketing Communication which is focused, measurable and to undergo continuous improvement in order to reach the quality of student acquisition and also the achievement of graduates who become true generations of Khaira ummah.

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