Unissula Encourages Utilization of Big Data

Monday, November 5th, 2018 | Dilihat : 11 kali
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Image: Imam Much Ibnu Subroto PhD

The Rector of Unissula Ir. Prabowo Setiyawan MT. PhD reminded the importance of utilizing technology wisely on all fronts because, currently, technology is something that cannot be avoided and no one does not use it. Indeed, what lasts in the world is change and technology is in it.

“Then the academic community must react, so that technology can be useful and a blessing,” said Probowo Setiyawan Ph.D, Tuesday (10/30), in a meetup with idBigData#20 in cooperation with the Faculty of Informatics.

Furthermore, the Rector also said that through this meetup, students were expected to be able to address and anticipate technological developments, including using it for good. “The arrival of these experts is expected to be a useful knowledge,” he explained.

IDBigData’s founder and CEO (Chief of Executive Officer) labs 247, Beno K Pradekso, said that the era of industrial revolution 4.0 was based on digitalization, relying heavily on technology. “Then how can we be ready to face the industry 4.0.? Of course, you have to master technology,” he added.

Admittedly, Indonesia is a country that has a lot of data. However, it has not been able to collect existing data. For example, related to automation, which has not been maximized in a number of agencies, so that the available data is minimal. “That is, for digital transformation we are not ready yet,” he explained.

According to him, big data is a new challenge where it must be, indeed, studied deeper so that it can be a benefit for the Indonesian people. Big data can be implemented in a number of fields, related to the collection and storage of large information for analysis.

Therefore, he also collaborated with a number of universities to develop it. Present here, as another speaker, Chairman of idBigData Sigit Prasetyo, Imam Much Ibnu Subroto as Application developer of SINTA Ristekdikti and Head of the Department of Informatics Engineering of Unissula.

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