Two Malaysian Students to study in Unissula

Thursday, March 16th, 2017 | Dilihat : 48 kali


Students and lecturers will receive much benefit from the exchange program of academicians, conducted between campuses. Especially if the program, run involving universities from different countries.

“In addition to strengthen scientific course, it will also be obtained double benefit from this kind of program. Nothing wrong with the government to encourage the strengthening of international cooperation among higher education, “said Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Unissula, Dr M Kartono, on the sidelines to welcome students of the University of Selangor (UNISEL) and companion in Kampung Laut.

The faculty of Engineering of Unissula had opportunity to call on two students from The faculty of engineering of UNISEL, to gain knowledge. Despite the time, not too long however, two students namely M Haris and Zaela Maezuroh, will participate in various activities on Unissula. They will accept applications lab course of civil engineering and road construction. The rest, they will also be invited to see the field of a variety building projects and road improvements at various points.

Students from UNISEL once wanted to be introduced to community service programs. The selected nearby locations in Semarang that will be visited are the area of Tlogosari Pedurungan. “The multiple benefit of this program will be accepted by academicians through exchanges and cooperation models between high education institution. In addition to deepening academic insight, the student and faculty participants can get to know the culture of others, ” added Kartono.

Chairman of the Civil Engineering Department Rahmat Mudiono PhD, accompanied by Secretary Dr Ahmad Niam Prodi expressed readiness to assist the students from the neighboring country. He had even planned carefully so that foreign students can receive a lot of experience especially regarding lectures, research, and community service

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