Faculty of Civil Engineering UNISSULA Encourages Acceleration of Flood Handling

Thursday, February 15th, 2018 | Dilihat : 20 kali


Unissula cooperates with Rotterdam University of Applied Science (RUAS) Netherlands seriously handling flood problem by conducting a series of activities, such as water management workshop with flood control theme, polder system, and pumping atcampus of Unissula (13/2).

Present as speakers, Doug Darville (Technical Manager of Grundfos Pump), Jonathan Lekkerkerk MSc (Senior Lecture of RUAS), and Prof. Dr. IrSlamet Imam Wahyudi DEA (Head of Unissula Civil Engineering Doctorate Program). The event was attended by students, lecturers, and stakeholders such as state-owned companies and municipal government.

The event was filled with a presentation of Grundfos pomp profile with the topic of pumping system in flood control delivered by Doug Darville, hydrological and spatial analysis in flood control by Jonathan Lekkerkerk, and flood control in delta area by Prof. Imam Wahyudi.

In his presentation on hydrology and spatial analysis in flood control, Jonathan said “We need a sustainable pump system to address this flooding problem”.

Some points to note include adding value for specifier, a wide range of flood control solutions, designing flood control systems, and basic pumping station layouts. “He also explained the work system of pumps that can be applied in the area of ​​Semarang, as already applied in Netherland.

Meanwhile, Prof. Imam said “Unissula continues to concern in research and community service in the field of flood handling,” said the professor who established the first delta centerstudy of climate change in Indonesia. “Conducting routine programs in Semarang and Pekalongan areasfacilitates the local government to handle the flood issues. The government continues to try to provide solutions, not just using pump technology, but also add water containment area.

Imam says he is optimistic to overcome the flood problem in Semarang, although it takes a long time and comprehensive handling. “The condition of the soil in northern Semarang always decreases every year, while the sea water is rising. The solution should be to increase the catchment area, clean water storage to accommodate rainwater, as well as retention ponds for pumps at some point. “He said.

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