Unissula Held Jobfair to Facilitate Graduates

Thursday, October 10th, 2019 | [post_view]


Thousands of college graduates, packed the Unissula auditorium on Wednesday (9/10/10). They are looking for job opportunities in at least 63 national and multinational companies that open vacancies in the job fair, Unissula Career Day, which lasts two days until Thursday (10/10/2019) tomorrow.

It appears they are registering at a number of companies that open the vacancy, with a number of conditions set by each company.Head of the Semarang City Labor Market Information (Disnaker), Dwi Hastuti SSos expressed his appreciation for the event, which was held by the Unissula Student and Alumni Development Institute. He also hopes that activities like this will be increased.

Especially so far, the city government also provides opportunities with a number of activities to provide employment opportunities. Among them by facilitating through training through institutions to increase entrepreneurship by cooperating with a number of companies as a placement.

On the one hand, according to him, college graduates should not only look for work but also can create job opportunities, by entrepreneurship. In addition, it must also adjust to more sophisticated technology in the 4.0 industrial revolution era. So that it can become a provision in competing for job opportunities or opening an entrepreneur.

The event was opened by the General Chairperson of the Sultan Agung Waqf Foundation (YBWSA) Hasan Thoha Putra. According to him, the convening of the job fair is expected to be able to bridge the alumni and the community with companies and the industrial world.

Present on this occasion, Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs Dr. Qomaruddin PhD, Deputy Chairman of YBWSA Tjuk Subhan Sulchan and Chair of the Committee Dr. Turahmat MPd