48 Hafidz Escort Unissula’s Memorization Program

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 | Dilihat : 10 kali


The recipients of the Hafidz 30 juz Al Qur’an scholarships who are members of Jamiyyatul Quro ‘Wal khuffadz (JQH) Unissula conducted comparative study activities to the Almunawir Jogjakarta Islamic Boarding School (21/7). This activity was one of the programs of the Qur’an Learning Center (QLC) to improve their competence and capacity while increasing their studies at Unissula.

The Chairman of QLC, Hidayatussholihah, stated that this capacity building was sought so that they were able to participate in assisting the implementation of strengthening the learning of the Qur’an in the campus environment. The 48 active JQH members are expected to be able to become the driving force for several QLC programs, mainly Sima’an Khotmil Qur’an and Unissula’s memorization of the Quran.

“They (JQH members) are the movers and implementers of the Qur’an program which are held once a week at the Abu Bakar Assegaf Unissula campus mosque every Friday at 09.00 – 12.00. Besides, they also become tahfidz teachers who are coordinated by the Huffadz asatidz in the Unissula memorization program which is held every Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 -13:00,” said Hidayatussholihah. The Unissula Memorization Program has quite a lot of devotees namely around 100 participants consisting of Unissula’s lecturers, employees, and students from various faculties.

Syarifuddin, one of the hafidz who took part in this comparative study stated “This comparative study is very beneficial for the JQH because we have learned a lot in the future to become hafidz who have good learning achievements and are able to contribute in preaching the Qur’an,” said the student of Pharmacy study program.

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