Unissula Lecturer Sharing Foreign Language Mastery

Monday, November 18th, 2019 | Dilihat : 12 kali


Three Lecturers of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA) consisting of Nur Ekaningsih MPd, Luh Putu Shanti MPsi, and Mega Mulianing M MPd held community service at MI Gedanganak Ungaran (16-17 / 11/2019). Dedication on the theme of parenting counseling to children and the introduction of foreign languages ​​from an early age “was attended by parents of third grade students of MI Gedanganak Ungaran.

According to Nur Ekaningsih, children at the elementary / MI school level really need the role of parents in caring, guiding, educating, directing and determining what they should do. At the age of golden age, children are in a critical period of development. This period of development is very unique where foreign languages ​​can be learned easily. Child development also requires parenting from the right parents in providing solutions to children.

“The myth of learning a foreign language from an early age needs to be conveyed to parents that learning a foreign language, especially learning English at their age is the right thing because they have a provision from birth, namely LAD (Language Acquisition Device) that is able to process language acquisition and produce it. with rich grammar. “Said Nur Ekaningsih.Still according to Eka, language mastery does not need to wait until adulthood and the absorption capacity of young people is more important. Learning a foreign language will not be separated from interaction with both parents, both father and mother. Differences in parenting can often occur so that they disagree, but it’s better for children not to know. When this happens the child will have a dishonest nature, manipulate and tend to the relationship between the child and parents without appreciation. So the middle ground as a solution needs to be an agreement between the two parents.

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