Unissula’s Pharmacy Program Invited Students to Stay Away from Narcotics

Monday, August 5th, 2019 | Dilihat : 25 kali


A community service team of Pharmacy Program, Faculty of Medicine Unissula conducted counseling on the dangers of narcotics, illegal drugs, and free sex at SMK IT Roudlotus Saidiyyah Kalialang Semarang, on Saturday, July 27, 2019. The instructors included Ika Buana Januarti, M.Sc., Apt., Hudan Taufiq, M.Sc., Apt., Nisa Febrinasari, M.Sc., Apt., Fadzil Latifah, M.Farm., Apt., Arifin Santoso, M.Sc., Apt., and attended directly by the Head of Study Program, Abdur Rosyid, M.Sc. Apt.

“Students who are actually in their teenage have unstable emotions, making it easier to be influenced to use drugs and have free sex. Therefore, this activity becomes an educational tool to recognize the dangers of drug use and the effects of having free sex,” said Ika Buana Januarti.

Hudan Taufiq and Nisa Febrinasari explained the introduction of substances including drugs (narcotics, psychotropic substances, and active substances) and their negative effects. Drugs have 3 effects which make the users felt happier, calm, and hallucinating. These effects arise because the drug affects the central nervous system which, if used continuously causes dependency, mental disorders, and HIV/ AIDS.

Other team members, Fadzil Latifah and Arifin Santoso conveyed the negative impact of free sex. “Free sex can arise because of sexual misconduct, leading to pregnancy out of wedlock and the most severe is having sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea and syphilis. Therefore, choosing good friends, not dating and avoiding the mass media which contains pornographic elements is a must,” he explained.

This program was a form of responsibility and contribution of the Unissula Pharmacy Study Program to the community that received financial support from the Unissula Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM). 35 students who attended the counseling seemed enthusiastic to discuss and listen to the material because of the straightforward delivery of the lecturers with an interesting slide. The material presented among others was the negative effects of having free sex in terms of religion, social and health, for example contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Ahmad Yusuf, Principal of SMK IT Roudlotus Saidiyyah Kalialang said that his party positively welcomed the counseling activity because the delivery of material on drugs and free sex had never been delivered during the learning.

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