Unissula Students Win International Research

Thursday, July 25th, 2019 | Dilihat : 5 kali


Unissula’s Faculty of Law student, Silvina Andila won second place in the market research competition with the theme of Comparative Investment: Impact Driven Entrepreneurship Accelerator conducted in three countries namely Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand on (3-8 / 7).

The theme chosen by Silvina in this competition was of the importance of getting the attitude of honesty to young children as early as possible. This can be done through various media; one of them is digital education game. Her idea was received positively when he conducted research in Singapore on the series of competitions.

“Education as early as possible to instill an attitude of honesty in children is important in this country because honesty is a precious asset that will guide someone to always be transparent and avoid corrupt behavior. That is important because dishonesty is the root of various problems that destroy the joints of life such as corruption, fraud and others,” Said Silvina.

Furthermore, she felt lucky and excited to be able to participate in the international competition because with active participation she got various benefits. These benefits included having international experience, increasing international friendship, getting to know each other’s cultures from various countries in Asia and opportunities for international achievement.

In the future, she will improve the digital educational game that she made so that it will truly benefit by promoting a more honest life behavior and avoiding the negative behavior of corruption in children.

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