Unissula Strengthens the Study of the Qur’an

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 | Dilihat : 7 kali


Unissula’s Qur’an Learning Center (QLC) conducted a comparative study to the Center for Qur’an Studies (PSQ) and Bayt Qur’an Ciputat (16-17 / 7). Head of the Institute for the Study and Implementation of Islamic Values (LKPI), Dr. Ghaffar Shidiq, who led the group said that the Unissula Qur’an Learning Center continued to try to learn from various programs organized by PSQ and implemented various programs that could be implemented on the Unissula campus. The follow-up of this comparative study is realized in a cooperation program in the field of Qur’an interpretation by bringing in Qur’an interpreting experts from both institutions.

Meanwhile QLC Chairperson, Hidayatussholihah, S. Pdi., M.Pd., M.Ed.,  stated that the study of Qur’anic interpretation has been routinely held in the second week at the Abu Bakar Assegaf campus mosque since a few years ago. With the collaboration with PSQ Ciputat, he is optimistic that it will enliven and strengthen the quality of Qur’anic interpretation studies at Unissula.

It is hoped that the interpretation program intended for all Unissula academies will be able to become a higher quality program and have a major contribution in increasing the understanding of the academic community towards the Qur’an. It is hoped that next year this cooperation program will be successfully realized.

Besides that, the students memorizing the Qur’an will also be given the opportunity to give interpretation for two weeks in the Bayt Qur’an so that they not only memorize but also increase their understanding of the Qur’an.

“In the Qur’an recitation, we also learn many things related to the Qur’an recitation process which turned out to be quite complicated and long but very interesting, because there are various challenges in correct recitation so that the Qur’an which circulates in terms of editorial and translation can be understood well by the community,” said Hidayatussholihah.

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