Unissula Lecturer Encourages Saving Electricity

Friday, July 19th, 2019 | Dilihat : 15 kali


The Unissula Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI) Community Service Team organized entrepreneurial assistance as well as providing household electricity counseling for the Majlis Taklim Jamaatah “Basthah” at Jangli Permai Housing Semarang (14/7).

Basthah is a majlis taklim entrepreneur whose most of the members are housewives. In addition to obtaining enrichment of religious knowledge in the majlis taklim, the congregation also received entrepreneurial training and knowledge about household electricity.

The Unissula FTI community service team consisted of Dr. Ir. Muhammad Haddin, M.T., and Eka Nuryanto Budisusila, S.T., M.T., from the Unissula Electrical Engineering, and Ir. Eli Mas’idah, M.T., from the Industrial Engineering.

Muhammad Haddin conveyed the need for worshipers to know how to use electricity effectively and efficiently. “Electricity has many benefits for household life, so its use needs to be regulated and adjusted to the needs. In addition to the benefits, electricity can become a danger if it is not used properly, and this must be anticipated,” he explained.

Another team member, Eka Nuryanto Budisusila, explained how to use electricity safely and comfortably. He stressed, electrical installations at home must be correct according to the standards provided by State Electricity Company (PLN). For that reason, installation of electrical installations must be carried out by official installation services. Checking the installation and household electrical appliances regularly also need to be done to avoid things that are not desirable, such as the occurrence of fire hazards due to electrical short circuit. “For safety and comfort, electrical equipment with energy saving technologies needs to be chosen, such as LEDs on lighting lamps or inverters on air conditioner devices,” Eka added.

While Eli Mas’idah, who is also the manager of the Majlis Taklim Basthah, provided motivation to the congregation to always enrich religious scientific insights and improve entrepreneurial skills, especially businesses that can be done in a home industry. Eli also conveyed the need for quality and variations in the production of processed household products and how to package these products in a good, creative, and attractive manner.

On this occasion, the congregation was also trained to make various kinds of cakes and bread that can be produced in the household by the instructor of the Basthah Team. In addition to being consumed by family members themselves, it can also be developed into a small home industry that can help to support the family economy.

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