Students of D3 Nursing Unissula Goes to Japan

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 | Dilihat : 42 kali


D3 Nursing of the Faculty of Nursing Unissula organized Opening Ceremony “International Nursing Program FIK goes to Japan” on Monday (11/11) in building 10 floor seminar room 1st floor. In collaboration with OSSelnajaya as an Outsourcing international from Japan, it prepares 28 students for 2 semesters to attend Japanese language training with 32 meetings. They will follow the Caregiver program, which is an education and training program for nurses who want to work in Japan. Its main focus is to prepare healthcare professionals to work in a Japanese hospital.

Dean of Faculty of Nursing Sciences Iwan Ardian SKm MKep expressed the program is part of a follow-up of the referral of Vice Rector I for the International Program. Hopefully, students who are sent to Japan have begun to be interested and follow the language and culture of Japan in accordance with Islamic values. Must be excited and complete this program because it will give a sister class motivation to be able to follow your footsteps up to Japan.

OSSelnajaya Representative Hitomi Baba pleased to come to Unissula because it is very special for me, Hitomi said. I am happy to be with my friends from Unissula. Do not worry if Japan is far, because many Indonesians who are in Japan. And the Japanese also have many who know the culture of Indonesia especially Islam.
Do not worry if there are difficulties with the Japanese language, because we will always a supporter for the language, because the ability of people different but if already read and heard and enjoyed, you will be accustomed and can. Make Japanese language and work in Japan to be valuable for friends. When returning to Indonesia, we will be able to stock in Indonesia. We wait all of you in Japan.
Vice Rector 1 Bedjo Santoso MT PhD ordered Japanese culture has implemented Islamic values such as commitment, honesty and discipline then you can learn anywhere, the key is to read and think. To learn can include culture because it can accelerate the mastery of Japanese language. From now on fix intention and ask the blessing to parents because it is very important for your goodness in the future. On behalf of the Sultan Agung Islamic University thanked and congratulations that you guys succeed” Bedjo said.

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