Lecturers of Faculty of Law Unissula Promoted Online Transaction Legal Assistance

Monday, August 5th, 2019 | Dilihat : 30 kali


A team of lecturers from Faculty of Law Unissula conducted an online sharia transaction legal assistance program at a traditional market in Banjardowo village, Genuk district, Semarang (24/7). They were Andi Aina Ilmih, S.H., M.H. (chairperson), Kami Hartono, S.H., M.H. (Head of Bachelor of Law), Dr. Lathifah Hanim, S.H., M,Kn., M.Hum., and Dini Amalia Fitri, S.H., M.H.

The activity was attended by 39 people consisting of Banjardowo Market Service Sellers (PPJP), the Banjardowo Village Community Empowerment Institute (LPMK), sellers, and public people. “We provide understanding and legal assistance for the community, especially traditional market sellers. Because of the greater competition faced by traditional markets to compete with the advancement of modern markets, the sellers need to overcome the problems related to the lack of use of digital technology. For that reason, our main focus is to conduct a legal assistance program,” explained Andi Aina.

Still according to Aina, “This activity was presented by Faculty of Law lecturers in collaboration with Unissula’s Research Institutes and Community Service (LPPM) and PKK Mobilization Team of Banjardowo Village, Genuk District, Semarang.”

With this activity, it was expected that the public, especially sellers, would have legal awareness to information and technology literacy about sharia online transactions so that the existence of traditional markets can be maintained and the sellers can compete fairly with modern markets. In addition to legal socialization, the community service team was tasked with providing legal assistance for sellers in conducting sharia online transactions. The sellers must be aware of technological advances that are rapidly developed which can erode the presence of traditional markets in the midst of today society.

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