Dentistry Student of Unissula Fly to Japan for Study and Research

Thursday, October 31st, 2019 | Dilihat : 17 kali

31-Jepang-e1574395657113Unissula Dentistry sent three of its students to join the student exchange to the Tokushima University Faculty of Dentistry in Japan, which was held 1-26 November 2019. They were students of the class of 2014 namely Intan Maryani, Mutia Arum Safitri, and Devi Kartika Rochmah.
They will be focused on learning about research and surgery for almost one month. Intan Maryani said that she was very happy to get an opportunity to exchange to Japan. “We are very happy and grateful for the opportunity to study at Tokushima University. We will focus on the study of research and surgery,” she said.
Meanwhile Mutia Arum was interested in the Dentistry learning system in Japan. “Can’t wait to study at Tokushima University, especially now that Japan is in the fall and the atmosphere is definitely more cool and curious about the dental education system there,” Mutia said.
Devi Kartika will also take advantage of this exchange opportunity to learn a lot about the culture of education in Japan. “It’s nice to meet new people, exchange new knowledge, new cultures, and of course it will be great to be able to learn with an environment with a different culture. It will definitely be a challenge for me and my friends, “said Devi.
Before leaving for Japan they said goodbye to Vice Rector III M. Qomaruddin ST MSc PhD on (31/10). He advised students to take advantage of this opportunity not only to increase knowledge but also to build an international education network. In addition, students must also show their self-image as an important part of an Islamic campus that upholds Islamic values.


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