Young Doctor of the Medical Faculty of UNISSULA Organized Dissemination of TB (Tuberculosis) Prevention with Theater Performances

Monday, November 5th, 2018 | Dilihat : 10 kali

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Young Doctors of the Medical Faculty (FK) Unissula organized counseling and socialization of tuberculosis (TB) in the residents of Gaji Village, Guntur District, Demak Regency. The event with the theme “Cegah TiBi bersama JAKA TARUB & 7 Bidadari (Prevent TB with JAKA TARUB & 7 Bidadari)” took place in the hall of the local village officers. (28/10)

The event was opened by the head of Gaji Village, Dwi Ari Wibowo and representative lecturer of the Medical Faculty of Unissula Drs Purwito Soegeng M.Kes. This concept that has been uniquely and creatively packaged invited citizens to take part in healthy walks, health checks, gymnastics, drama performances, and question and answer discussions with the surrounding community about TB.

According to Chairman of the Committee, Hasan Adi, the selection of Jaka Tarub as the main character in the drama stage was because, indeed, Jaka Tarub and 7 Angels could represent the slogan of preventing TB disease.

“Jaka Tarub here stands for TB prevention slogan, which consists of JA – Jaga Jendela Tetap Tebuka (Keep the window open), K – Kasur di Jemur (Mattress is dried in the sun), A – Anak di Imunisasi (Children are immunized), T – Tutup saat batuk dan bersin (Cover when coughing and sneezing), A – Ayo Hidup Bersih dan sehat (Let’s live clean and healthy), RU – Rumah Cukup Cahaya (Enough light for Home), B – Bebas Asap Rokok (Smoke free) and 7 angels symbolizing the seven slogans,” said Hasan.

Meanwhile the Head of the Village of Gaji Dwi Ari Wibowo claimed to be very appreciative of this event. “We are very grateful, because with this activity the community become increasingly vigilant about tuberculosis, because many of them do not know how to prevent it. We hope that this event can increase people’s knowledge about TB, “he said.

The activity was closed with a symbolic declaration of TB prevention by affixing a hand stamp on a piece of white cloth provided by the committee

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