In Unissula Ustad Subki Called on the Importance of Hijrah.

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 | Dilihat : 17 kali


Faculty of Medicine Unissula held tausyiah akbar by presenting Ustadz Subki Al Bughury, housed in the campus mosque in Kaligawe on Sunday (23/10).

According to Dai Born in Bogor “God is a cure and a mercy to those who believe. If we continuously and diligently meet  Him, our lives physically and spiritually to be healthy “he said.

The important thing to receive God’s grace is to follow the path of Hijrah “Hijrah is to move from evil toward goodness, not complacent and continue to do good things” he explained

He cited as a student, for example, should do good and fill all days pondering upon the knowledge learned and also do useful activities. “With hijrah, we will have a high position beside Allah,” he said.

Another way to obtain His mercy can be done by Dzikr. “Do not give up. Surely, God will hear the prayers of his people. Thus, we will get grace and the right way, we will be rescued from the problems, “he said.

Furthermore, according to him, to listen and even to recite passages from the Koran can be a cure for the physical and spiritual. “As long as we sincere and surrender ourselves, then everything will be heard by God,” he explained.

The agenda is one of a series of commemoration of the Islamic New Year 1438 H and the anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine Unissula.

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