Unissula Medicine Helps Overcome Hypertension

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 | Dilihat : 12 kali
(28) Hipertensi

Picture: The movement to overcome hypertension received positive response from the community.

The co-assistants of the public health department, Faculty of Medicine Unissula held an event to hypertensive movement (28/1) in Gaji, Guntur, Demak. To overcome hypertension can be carried out with four movements. The first is the movement of health tents containing blood pressure checks, blood glucose (GDS), and weight. These checks are early detection for residents who have never experienced complaints of hypertension.

The next movement is the movement of gymnastics together which has a combination of healthy heart gymnastics and hypertension gymnastics guided by an instructor and the movement to eat fruit together is done by distributing fruits that theoretically can control blood pressure such as watermelon and star fruit.

Another movement to know hypertension is by using the concept of talk shows, simulation of hypertensive vascular aids and visualization of food which is recommended and not recommended for people with hypertension.

The activity was not only participated by people with hypertension but all villagers. “We hope that we can awaken the public about the importance of maintaining health by doing at least four activities as such “. Thus, said the head of public health sciences, dr. Siti Thomas Zulaikhah, SKM., M.Kes.



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