Unissula Graduates Requested to keep attitude

Thursday, March 16th, 2017 | Dilihat : 14 kali


“Attitude is an important part of the scientific tradition. Adab is precisely what should be the primary identifier of the alumni of universities in the world in the work place and in the social sphere” Said Anis Malik Thoha Lc MA PhD in the graduation procession on the campus in Kaligawe 72 (20/10).

Furthermore, he expected the graduates of Unissula could be ambassadors of Unissula to spread a positive image as knowledgeable and civilized.

Still according to Anis, the main problem faced by Muslims today is the lost of culture, loss of adab. When the culture had become separated from the world of science it could lead to the loss of the blessing of science.

In fact, science and blessing can never be separated. Imam Malik once declared: “Study the culture before studying a science”. Ibn al-Mubarak stated: “We have studied the issue of adab for 30 years and science for 20 years”. Such expressions indicated the urgency of a civilized existence in obtaining knowledge.

Best graduates

On the occasion the Rector of Unissula graduated the best graduates, among other doctoral of Legal Studies Dr. Setyo Trisnadi SpKF SH, Master of Civil Engineering Subur Rimbo Prawoto MT, Master of Law Jefri Hari Akbar, SH, MH, Master of Management Bayu Setyo Nugroho MM, Master of Electrical Engineering Budi Cahyo Wibowo MT, Master of Notary Yashmin Seiff SH MBH Aesrh Dipl MKn, Master in Biomedical Adhi Revi Andini M Biomedic, Faculty of Medicine Rizki Amalia Novbrista SKed.

Pharmaceutical Yuliana Wijayanti SFarm, Midwifery Nur’aini, Amd Keb, Slamet Setioboro ST from Civil Engineering, Built Environment Ayu Rizkiyani ST, Niswa Erin SH from Legal Studies, Firdaus Adi Nugroho Saputro SE from Management, Accounting Melyanti Nur Agustina SE, Sharia Muhammad Abdur Rochman SHI, Tarbiyah Ali Masyhar SpdI, Zukfikar ST Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering Rizqi Fadilah ST, Information Technology Suratna Ramadhani ST.

Garwati Bidara Fi Spsi from Psychology, Atika Arisanti Spd from English Education Department, Lilik Alfiatin Nafi’ah SS from English Literature, Dentistry Lela Setyorini SKG, Communication Studies Nindiani Tri Amalia SIKom, Indonesian Language and Literature Etina Sri Sajriani Ansar Spd, Mathematics Risno Spd, Elementary School Teachers Education Lina Tri Mukharomah Spd, and Diploma 3 of Nursing Rindi Widiawati AMd Kep.

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