Unissula Choir Won Gold Medal In Thailand

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 | Dilihat : 13 kali


Firdaus Choir (FIRCHO) Unissula student choir incised brilliant achievement in the 1 st Lanna International Choir Competition in Chiang Mai Thailand held on 19 to 23 October 2016. The competition was followed by at least 50 teams from 7 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka , Thailand, China, and Croatia.

The team consisted of 38 people, with Kurnia Ariati as the conductor, won golden diploma level 2 Mix category with a score of 21.75. In this category, they sang David’s Lamination, Mae-e, Zikr in English, Japanese, and India. The second achievement was the acquisition of a diploma silver with a score of 18.30 in the Folklore category with folk song of Meplalian, Soleram, and Luk luk Lumbu.

According to Raka fajar Pratama, the chairman of FIRCHO, this was the first time of Fircho to obtain a gold medal in international competition, having previously won two silver medals in the event of the 4 th Bali International Choir Competition. “Do not be complacent, because this victory to be accomplished at the same test again,” he told in a welcoming ceremony at Rector Bureau.

Raka said before competing in Thailand, in preparation, Fircho follow national choir competition in Semarang, until the pre-competition concert held on October 7. “Many challenges we faced, preparations for approximately one year, starting from the technical, strenuous exercise, and funds raising. But the hardest part is the mental preparation, because we have to unite one team of different ethnicities, races, and backgrounds, to successfully carve achievements. ”

Meanwhile, Deputy Rector for Alumni and Student Affair, Sarjuni, SAg, MHum claimed proud of the accomplishments achieved by PSM Unissula. “This victory completes Unissula international achievement, especially coinciding with the celebration of 1 Muharram 1438 H.” he pointed out.

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