The Nursing faculty of Unissula was Accredited B

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 | Dilihat : 6 kali


Faculty of Nursing Department of Nursing D3 recently earned accreditation by a team of assessors of LAM B PTKes with a score of 330. According to the Dean of FIK Iwan Ardian, SKM, MKep, some points to be a plus in the improvement of this accreditation were the achievement of students, faculty, and lectures representative.

“Nursing Faculty has had highly qualified lecturers, as many as 28 lecturers have been titled MKep, 9 lecturers are specialist nursing, and one lecturer is continuing his doctoral program at the University of Indonesia,” said Iwan. According to him, lecturers at Nursing faculty were also active in research and community service. “Some time ago two lecturers of this faculty received a research grant from the Association of Indonesian Nurses Educational Institution (AIPNI).” He said.

Not only lecturers, according to Iwan, students of Nursing faculty also chalked many achievements such as futsal champions at regional level, the top 10 scientific poster contest, and 10 great race Scientific Paper in UB. “This year The Nursing faculty will send 128 PKM proposal for the funding of Higher Education to 2017″ Appended Iwan.

Meanwhile the Nursing faculty of Unissula has also listed its accomplishments as the winner of the 2nd best average value at Regional VII in Indonesian nurses Competency Test (UKNI) in March 2016. “This competency test was followed by more than 30 nursing institutions, in which Nursing faculty of Unissula was among the best.” Said the Dean. According to him, UKNI is a competency exam to receive a certificate of competence (serkom), which would be the publication requirement of STR (Certificate of Registration) nurse.

80% Graduates Absorbed

Iwan said that at least 80% of graduates have been absorbed in the partner hospital which have been cooperating with Nursing faculty of UNISSULA. “Through the empowerment program we have conducted MoU with Sultan Agung Islamic Hospital, Awal Bros Hospital of Batam, Tangerang, Bekasi, QIM Hospital Batang, Harapan Anda Hospital Tegal, Bahtera Emas Hospital Southeast Sulawesi.” He added, hospitals invited to become a partner were the hospitals with plenary accreditation or well-accredited.

Last month, (24/10) located on the 2nd floor of Nursing Faculty, a total of more than 40 fresh graduates followed the recruitment selection conducted by Awal Bros Tangerang. The selection included a written test, practice or nursing skills, soft skills, and psychological test.

According to Iwan, the partner hospitals gave a good testimony toward the graduates of Nursing Faculty, Unissula. “The hospital is satisfied with the performance of Nurses fromUnissula graduates, so they directly come and recruit our graduates, although not sworn profession yet.” Said Iwan. According to him, the plus points owned by nurses of Unissula are on a good attitude, friendly and polite. “This is consistent with the vision promoted by Nursing Faculty of Unissula to produce competent nurses in fulfilling spiritual needs of the patient.” He continued, “I hope The nursing faculty keep progressing and by God will, Nursing Faculty will conduct reaccreditation in November.” Resolve Iwan.

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