Economics Lecturer Received Doctorate Degree

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 | Dilihat : 1 kali


Muhammad Ja’far Shodiq, Faculty of Economics (FE) Unissula Semarang, received doctorate degree from Doctoral Program in Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business Diponegoro University in Semarang on Wednesday (27/10). In his open examination, Ja’far examined the management control system (SPM) which affects the financial performance of the company.

Ja’far explained, in his dissertation, it was revealed that the management control system includes contextual variables that exist in the company. Such things have made him to generate very satisfactory grade point average of 3.7

He said that the dynamics of the company, the environment, organizational culture, and structure will affect the company’s financial performance on manufacturing company which he examined. The variables that exist in this company employee affect the company.

“If the company is not conducive, it is indicated to go bankrupt, because its finance is not smooth,” said Jafar who took the study entitled the Impact of a holistic system with contextual variable on control systems and performance management – with the promoter who was also the chairman of the examination Prof Imam Ghozali, Prof Abdul Rahman and Anis Chariri PhD as copromotor.

Therefore, he said that it was required the organization conditions which were dynamic and conducive, so that, companies would not face financial problems  by way of designing the control system management.

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