Commemoration of 1st Muharram, Unissula Presented Habib Syech

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 | Dilihat : 5 kali

Image: Second from left Rector Anis Malik Thoha LC, MA PhD, Habib Shaykh, Habib Jindan, KH A Daroji

Unissula held Sholawat Bersama Habib Shaykh Abdul Qadir Assegaf and Habib Jindan that was attended by tens of thousands of pilgrims from various regions in Central Java Semarang located in Kaligawe campus, Thursday night (27/10).

According to the Rector of Unissula, Anis Malik Thoha Lc MA PhD, Unissula bersholawat is one of the events to commemorate the new Hijri year 1438. Still according to Anis, Unissula bersholawat also constitutes an effort to draw closer to God and expects to obtain the intercession and blessing of the Great Prophet Muhammad.

On the sidelines of the sholawat brought by Habib Sych, he advised that the audience to always spread kindness to other humans that can be done in various ways, among others praying for good things, assuming good faith, and not troubling others.

To live in the modern era, it is very important to be a pious person, no glare and fear with symbols of modernization as well as the statements in discrediting Muslims. He also suggested that every Muslim to do good things and always believe that God is the best helper.

He also advised on the importance of sholawat for the good life of a Muslim, for the granting of the prayer, obtaining rahmat and ridho from God

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