Bachelor Must Develop Competencies to Communicate

Thursday, March 16th, 2017 | Dilihat : 14 kali


Electrical Engineering ITB alumnus who is now pursuing the business world, Salman Subakat, reminded, the level of competition entering the job market are increasingly competitive. Without armed with additional skills and extensive network, we can not easily penetrate the world of work.

“Despite, the optimism should continually be built. Do not give up before heading off to fight. also Strengthen the competence and self-image so that college graduates (PT) has a chance, in a free market, “said Marketing Director of PT Paraghon Technology Innovation, producers of Wardah Cosmetics, in front of a thousand graduating students of Unissula.

Salman was presented to give encouragement to the graduating students. He also gave some tips and tricks on how to penetrate the tight competition. One of them is the alumni of Unissula must possess the skill of communication. It is not solely aimed at fellow graduates but to everyone. Good at communicating will open up a lot of things ranging from relationships, opportunities, and to build trust.

It is also been applied Salman at the company where he works. His ability to communicate make it acceptable to all parties. From directors, managers, and even employees. He added Indonesia welcomes the era of free markets, including the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Salman saw the challenge of the free market should be an opportunity.

To that end, he asked the graduates who will graduate does not need to be pessimistic. Armed with additional capabilities, such as establishing communication, strengthen networks, and skills in their respective fields of science, it is confident that this era could be enjoyed by the Indonesian nation. He even has proven, through hard work, the company he leads received increasingly strong market

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